Druk Air Booking for 11th RTM

Arrival Date Sectors
Bangkok-Paro Delhi-Paro Remarks
30th August 2011 All Seats are full No flights
31 August 2011 30 Seats booked 30 Seats booked
Departure Date Sectors
Paro -  Bangkok Paro - Delhi Remarks
3 September 2011 20 Seats booked
4th September 2011 30 seats booked 9 availabe,21 on waiting list
Contact point for Druk Air Booking : Mrs Chimi , Telephone: 00975-02-323421
email address:chimip@drukair.com.bt/spacecontrol@drukair.com.bt
Druk Air - Air Bus 319
Druk Air is the sole international carrier of the Royal Government of Bhutan, established on 14 January 1983. Bhutan’s international airport is located in the Paro valley, and is of an hour drive from Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan.
DrukAir operates flights into Bhutan from Bangkok, Dhaka, Delhi, Kolkotta and Kathmandu.Tickets can be purchased online at the Druk Air website www.drukair.com.bt

Flight schedules and details are available on www.drukair.com.bt